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beer_spaThere are always new trends and/or gimmicks in the skin care industry to help you part with your hard-earned cash.  Some of the more recent ones include 14K gold facials, caviar facials, bathing in wine or the most gross yet, putting your feet in a pool of water and letting a certain fish nibble away the dead skin.  Well another new trend or gimmick is taking a bath in a tub filled with hot beer and enjoying a glass, mug or stein at the same time!

Hop in the Spa in Sisters, Oregon is the first beer spa in the U.S.  Not surprising since Oregon is now exploding on the scene with breweries like Rogue, Deschutes and Widmer.  Mike Boyle, the owner of Hop in the Spa, decided to add this treatment to his spa after getting a brochure from a friend who visited one while traveling in Prague.

Boyle visited several hops farms across the Northwest to learn more about the medicinal properties of the plant.  He started experimenting with bath brews incorporating hops, essential oils and minerals.  Hops in the Spa opened March 1st.

Boyle uses Cascade hops and is looking at adding three other varieties of hops that are exclusively used by Deschutes.  The treatment includes soaking in a cedar-lined tub filled with the brew, essential oils and additional whole hops and trace minerals.  Customers soak for 25 minutes and have a massage with hop oil.  Treatments cost – 1-hour soak at $75/per person to $295 for a couple (includes choice of drink and appetizers).

The owner did not want to elaborate on the benefits of soaking in the hot brew mixture or make any claims until he had spoken with the medical community.

I always thought that it is not best to eat or drink while soaking in hot water (or brew as in this case).  Alcohol robs the body of hydration internally.  According to Organic Facts, the therapeutic properties of hop essential oil are beneficial for the following:  insomnia, menstrual cramps, congestion, hair, psoriasis, headache and mood swings. However, hop essential oil is very potent and can acerbate mood swings and can cause skin sensitivity.

Would you rather drink an ice cold brew or bathe in hot beer, you choose!

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