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BK spaThere are spas around the world that offer beer, wine, cheese and crudités with a treatment.  How about adding a BK Whopper, fries and a drink!

Burger King has opened the world’s first BK spa.  It is located on the ground floor of the Mannerheimintie branch of Burger King in Helsinki, Finland.  The spa contains a sauna that seats 15 and equipped with a 48” television where you can watch movies or use the television for PowerPoint presentations.  The towels all have the Burger King logo.  Next to the sauna the spa has a media lounge which has a 55” giant screen and PlayStation 4.

When you arrive, you place your order for your meal.  You can enjoy your meal while sweating and cleaning out your pores.  Wouldn’t your sweat smell like beef?  What about sharing a meal while in the buff with someone sitting next to you?  I’m not sure how appetizing that would be.  If you want to book a day at the Burger King spa it might cost you $250 Euros ($283 in US currency.

Is this a fad or a trend that may last a while?  You decide.

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