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Scientists may be closer to finding a definitive cause for rosacea.  Studies at the National University of Ireland have concluded rosacea may be caused by a bacterium that lives in mites which reside in the skin (Bacterial Cause Found for Skin Condition Rosacea, 2012).  This mite species is Demodex folliculorum and it is naturally found in human skin on the face.  It is believed individuals who suffer from rosacea may have a higher than normal number of mites in their skin.

Rosacea is a common dermatological condition that causes reddening and inflammation of the skin mostly around the cheeks, nose and chin.  In severe cases, skin lesions may form and lead to disfigurement (Bacterial Cause Found for Skin Condition Rosacea, 2012).  There are four stages of rosacea, the last being rosacea of the eye.  Rosacea affects about 3% of the population and is usually found in fair-skinned individuals.  This is not to say that darker skinned individuals do not have rosacea, it is not as noticeable.  Those of mixed ethnicity may be more prone to having rosacea.

The bacterium released from the Demodex mite is sensitive to antibiotics used to treat rosacea.  So guess what!  Pharmaceutical companies are developing more types of products and pharmaceuticals to treat this skin disorder.

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Bacterial Cause Found for Skin Condition Rosacea. (2012, August 28). Retrieved August 31, 2012, from ScienceDaily: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/08/120829195121.htm