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eyebrowsIf you are looking for another way to have fabulous brows, then eyebrow transplanting may be an option for you.  This procedure is similar to transplanting of hair plugs for baldness.

For hair replacement for baldness, hair plugs are taken from areas of the scalp.  In eyebrow transplanting, hair follicles are taken from other areas of the body.  There is minimal downtime and there may be bruising and crusting of skin for about three days.  One physician describes the procedure as similar to tattooing.  There was no discussion as to any downsides, how long the transplants will last or what happens if the follicles do not respond.

There has been an increase of 140% in one year of women seeking this treatment.  The cost is a mere $7,500 (less if fewer follicles are needed).  Is this a fad?  Only time will tell, but doctors are grinning all the way to the bank for as long as the fad will last.

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