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hand sanitizer - 2The FDA announced they are reviewing the active ingredients in hand sanitizers and wipes.  They are doing this to verify the safety and efficacy of the ingredients.  Product manufacturers have been contacted and asked to supply the FDA with a list of their active ingredients.  Of course, manufacturers have one year to submit their information and review.

The reason for the review is to determine the frequency and long-term use as well as the absorption rate of the active ingredients.  The ingredients in question are: alcohol (ethanol or ethyl alcohol), isopropyl alcohol and benzalkonium chloride.  The FDA want to see if the levels which are showing up in blood and urine are higher than anticipated.  They are also reviewing how effective the active ingredients are in reducing bacteria on the skin.

It would be interesting to see their findings because these ingredients are in other products that an individual may be using.  I hope they take this into consideration when they perform their tests.

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