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Women at the gym

At the beginning of each new year lots of people make resolutions.  Usually the number one on the list is to lose weight either by eating healthier or going to the gym.  If you are planning to become a “gym rat” there are things you should do to protect your skin from breakouts.

  1. Wear a headband because it will keep sweat from running down onto the face. Sweat on the scalp and hair can cause shampoo, conditioner, hair spray or gels to get onto the face and clog pores that can lead to breakouts.
  1. Wipe your face and skin with a clean towel. It is best to bring your own to the gym because towels offered at the gym may contain a high amount of chlorine bleach.  When wiping sweat away, be gentle on the skin and do not rub aggressively because it may cause micro tears in the skin.  It is also best to use a separate, softer towel on the face.  You do not want to wipe the face with the same towel that may have perspiration, deodorant or bacteria from the body.
  1. While working out, put your towel around your neck or belt rather than on the handle of a piece of equipment. You want to prevent cross contamination of germs.  Also be careful to keep your face away from yoga mats or unsanitized hands.
  1. Do not go to the gym right after a facial, chemical peel or exfoliation. The epidermis is  the body’s first line of defense against germs and any of these treatments may make your skin susceptible to germs.  Also raising the body’s core temperature is a contraindication to having a chemical peel.  Advise your skin care therapist if you are planning to go to the gym or swimming before you have a chemical peel.
  1. Be sure to cleanse your face and hands thoroughly after a gym workout. You want to remove germs from the hands if you use gym equipment and you want to remove salt and perspiration from the face.  This is especially important for ladies if you wear makeup.

Keep your New Year’s resolutions, but be smart and you can have healthy skin all year long.

To read more on this topic, click on the following link:

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