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Courtesy of Photographer Gabor Szantai and Stylist Hierna Tudor

Courtesy of Photographer Gabor Szantai and Stylist Kierna Tudor

A new hair dye has been created which can change color based on the environment and a change in temperature.  This product made its debut at London Fashion week recently and is expected to be on store shelves by the end of 2017.

The product uses a thermochromic ink which is toxic by itself when applied to the skin. The ink will go through a process called polymeric stabilization which will make the ink not harmful to the skin or cause irritation.

How does it work?

The change takes place by breaking down the chemical bond in the pigment.  When the ink is exposed to certain temperatures, ”one of the molecule forms is more stable than the other, and a reaction takes place producing a molecule with a slightly different absorption of color”.  (Arthur, 2017)

The dye changes colors according to the temperature of the wearer’s environment.  There are many variations which include black to red (when one goes from a cold to a hot environment).  Other color changes are black to white, silver to powder blue, blue to white, and black to yellow.  The dye is semi-permanent, washes out after several shampoos, and is reported to not harm the hair.

Time will tell if this fad will catch on and how long it will last.  My concern still remains with the safety of the dye to the hair and skin long term.

To read more on this topic and to view video clips of the hair color transformation, click on the following link:

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