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frecklesThere was a time when women with freckles would give anything not to have them.  Now the latest trend is to have freckles tattooed on the face.

Rainbow, a cosmetic tattoo artist in Montreal, is seeing a spike in business by women wanting freckles tattooed on the face.  Who knew freckles would make a comeback!

She uses a semi-permanent ink in her sessions which can take about an hour to apply.  Even though she uses semi-permanent ink, the freckles can last up to three years.  After immediate application, the freckling may appear swollen and look similar to a bee sting which subsides after a few hours.  The color may seem intense at the beginning but will soften after a couple of months to look more natural.  Like with any tattoo, it will fade over time and can be touched-up at the desire of the client.

The price of a treatment can start at $250, depending on the tattoo artist and the amount of time spent on the application.

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