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For those of you concerned about animal products in your cosmetics, never fear there are vegan cosmetics coming to the U.S.  Luscious Cosmetics, a vegan cruelty-free product line is making its introduction into U.S. stores.  Luscious is the brainchild of Mehrbano Sethi headquartered in Beverly Hills, California.

This indie company began marketing its product in 2007 in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Pakistan and the Philippines in Sephora stores.  They marketed in these small niches to allow the company to grow and reach a certain size before bringing the product to the U.S.

Luscious made its introduction on August 10th in select stores nationwide and online and will target women of color.  To date, the only product available is their lipstick marketed under the name Heartbreaker.  This is a matte full coverage lipstick available in 18 shades.

Another skin care line to watch is Sahi Cosmetics.  They too will market their line to capture the Arabic, Hispanic, Mediterranean, Indian and Asian markets.

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