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There are many products on the market to help women have fuller, more natural eyelashes.  Some venture to use a product such as Latisse, while others opt for strip lashes or eyelash enhancement.  The latest craze in permanent eyelash tattooing.

Lash tattooing implants (or tattoos) between each eyelash, filling in gaps to make lashes appear fuller without wearing makeup.  Wait minute!  Isn’t this the same thing as permanent eyeliner with a new name?  It does not lengthen the lashes, just make them appear fuller so you can have the option to apply eyeliner or not.

To create the intensity and longevity, the treatment is repeated six weeks after the initial application.  The cost ranges from $550-$750 (which usually includes the follow-up appointment).  The enhancement lasts for several years.

Training Required

Training for this procedure is a 6-day training program.  Practitioners must complete a bloodborne pathogen course (100 hours).  They must also have an understanding of skin and eye anatomy, color theory, and cross-contamination.

Before running out to get this procedure or embarking on a career, not all practitioners can perform this service.  Regulations vary from state-to-state regarding tattooing.  In many states to perform eye tattooing, makeup artists and estheticians must also need to have a license in permanent makeup or tattooing.

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